Title: Developing Information Models to support Systems Engineering
Subject: Computer science,Software engineering,Embedded systems
Level: Advanced
Description: In the context of industrial systems/software engineering, systems are built from existing software/hardware components, as well as from newly developed components. The advantage of this approach is that components can be developed separately. Often, Functional architectures need to be developed to support product and system families.To life cycle manage these functional architectures as well as support industrial systems development, information models are required to capture all artefacts e.g. requirements, functional archtiectures, system design, phycial architectures etc.

The goal of the thesis is detailed as follows:
Develop an information model to support modeling of system software aspects.
Investigate tool support
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End date:
IDT supervisors: Jagadish Suryadevara
Examiner: Paul Pettersson
Company contact: Volvo Construction Equipment Jagadish Suryadevara jagadish.suryadevara@volvo.com