Title: Use of service choreography principles in the context of systems of systems with focus on safety and security - a mapping study
Subject: Software engineering
Level: Basic/Advanced
Description: Systems of systems (SoS) are built as a collection of systems that share their resources and capabilities in order to achieve new functionalities, provide better performance or higher level of efficiency, when compared to traditional systems. The major challenges in such systems are their complexity and providing analysis of properties of SoS, given that system behaviours may change. Ensuring safety of such systems is becoming a challenging task due to their dynamic nature, as well as the possible impact of security threats on safety.
In order to address these challenges adequately, one has to learn about interaction of these properties and ways how they can be handled.
Service choreography defines ways of service composition between several services through some interaction protocol. The main idea is that at run-time, each service in choreography executes its part, and contributes to the overall purpose of the large service.
The focus of this thesis is to explore possibilities to use service choreography principles in context of SoS using a mapping study approach. The thesis outcomes should describe the elements of service choreographies and map them to the appropriate element of SoS.
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IDT supervisors: Aida Causevic, Elena Lisova
Examiner: Hans Hansson